Data protection services with an integrated cost saving

The legal requirements for data protection have become more and more extensive, not least because they have acquired a great level of sensitivity in public. A conformity with legal requirements therefore requires knowledge which sometimes is not present in companies or authorities - for example, because the company lacks the appropriate resources. The solution: our needs-based set of services that ensure low-cost implementation according to the Best Practice method miLEAN. These include the creation of documentation for data protection, the implementation of data protection checks, advising the Board on this subject or the support and advice of your Data Protection Officer. But we can also use an external Data Protection Officer questions and assesses your data protection strategy.

Our Method

We use for our knowledge and experience acquired over a 30 year period to design, in a very structured way, low-cost solutions for your data protection requirements. The fact that we speak your language and develop a quick understanding of your individual needs and circumstances, is the least you can expect from our established brand.

Your Benefits

In terms of data protection, you will be on the safe side of the law, namely by making sure that as little as possible of your familiar work flows and technologies changes. This is ensured by our data protection experts. Another added value for you: We use our cost-reducing method miLEAN for the implementation.

Start Intelligently

In a preliminary conceptual framework discussion, the organisational requirements of your information security are dealt with. This will ascertain the details you certainly expect: A very targeted and efficient approach wherever you have a need for support in data protection.

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Wolfgang DÜRR

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