Security coaching in the language of a Manager

Companies and government agencies are faced with the challenge of designing appropriate safety strategies and develop them continuously. The responsibility lies ultimately with the management - but usually without them possessing sufficient competence in this particular topic. One answer is our miCO CEO. Here, an audited and experienced coach advises management continuously in all aspects of strategic and operational information security, security issues are, of course, translated into the language of management along with concrete suggestions for optimisation. The coach sees himself/herself as a mediator between technical security and entrepreneurial thinking. This individual is also an advisor with a neutral view of the entire range of security issues; in addition, this person is a task force in the background for the most critical and urgent security issues to be solved.


miCO CEO does not replace the internal structures of information security, but sees itself as special support for management. In doing so, you have a coach at your side who regularly discusses your topics with you, advises strategically and conceptually on concrete issues of security organisation and, if necessary, can also take on other tasks.


Information security is no longer a type of black box. Due to the fact that, through the CEO coaching, you are able to develop your own informed positions on this issue, to evaluate the planning proposals of internal and external expertise, and to provide security strategies with your own input.


The service miCO CEO consists of optional blocks, in addition to a base component. Thus it can be tailored to your individual requirements. In a non-binding, preliminary discussion, we will clarify what the ideal type of management support could look like for your needs.

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