Build sustainable and effective sensitivity

The quality of information security is not just a question of a precisely fitting strategy, providing streamlined processes and adequate technical assistance. A typical weak point is the people in the companies and institutions because they generate security risks due to lack of knowledge, insufficient sensitivity or an internally defensive attitude. Therefore, it is not enough to develop optimal security concepts, they must also be accepted and lived by the staff. This can be achieved through effective security awareness initiatives that do not simply interact with a little bit of finger-wagging, but rather act to raise acceptance levels through motivating actions while encouraging our employees to become active participants in information security. The art of these measures is, on the one hand, precisely aligned to the target groups and their working conditions. On the other hand, the awareness projects must be created so that they appeal to the people in an entertaining way while achieving sustained awareness.

Our Method

We have been developing the concepts based on our 30 years of IT security experience, and work with partners whose strengths lie in the creative implementation of interactive and multimedia-scale awareness campaigns. They are based on the findings of modern market and advertising psychology, supportive tools can also be used.

Your Benefits

The security awareness in your organisation will be significantly strengthened and will become part of your corporate culture, because the employees become positively emotionalised and motivated to create long term changes in behaviour. In doing so, this leads to noticeably fewer safety incidents, with corresponding cost savings.

Start Intelligently

As the development of a security awareness program should be precisely tailored to individual requirements, we recommend our Best Practice Workshop BenefitCONCEPT. It leads to the best possible solution design. Regardless of to whom you then transfer the realisation of the project.

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